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Blaise hofmann’s website. He is a young Swiss writer, and a close friend. He is an early traveler. After some months spent on the roads – during which we have corresponded and (re)discovered that we have many common words – he has decided to lay down his bag for a while. He will remain my correspondent during this adventure, but this time, he will be at the harbor and I will be at sea.

This is the website of the Centre Paradventure, the rallying place of the ormonants apaches. Crazy people have to help each other. These folks have encouraged me a lot and helped me materially in the preparation of this adventure.

The website of my sister, Christelle. Artist, scientific, potter, photographer, tireless creator, unlimited and enthusiastic, she is the mother of two girls as well. Between two nappies and three vases, she has conceived and realized “un-peu-plus-loin”. I thank her deeply.

Oliver is a weird bikes enthusiastc. He has helped and advised me in the design of my two wheeled mount. He has spent quite a lote of time working for my project. I hope his baby, my bike, is going to wihstand the distance.

Blog of Christine, who is now in Africa by bike :)



Thanks to JF for the equipment, thanks to Oliver for the preparation of the bike, thanks to Dany for the advises, thanks to San', Nic', Blaise, Co', Chrichri, Hug' and Christelle for the long discussions and the moral support. Thanks to Hug' for the medical assistance, thanks to Christelle for the IT support. Thanks to all the friends who have encouraged me to undertake this adventure, I hope I won't disappoint them.

A special thank to Nic', in case of emergency he promised me to do everything he could, to jump on a plane to anywhere, to help me getting out of an jail, to take me out of a Kirgiz hospital, to pick me up out of a Tadjik gutter. Thanks to my "jocker", I hope I won't need him.

Thanks for people met on the road and more specially to ...

... Marko (Slovenia) for spaghettis and advices on the Balkans
... Paulo and Gi (Croatia) for the road made together, and all these good times
... Ratko for the small piece of road made together
... Didier and Christianne (Sarajevo) for the pastis and the red wine
... Çeda (Sarajevo) for computers aid and lights on the Yugoslav conflict
... Customs officers for their kindness
... Julian (Macedonia, Greece, Turkey) for the road made together, and all these good times
... Mehmet and his family and to residents to Karaneybeily for their unforgettable welcome
... Bora, the boss of the "Rose Jaune" (Çanakkale) for his hearting welcome
... Budak (Edremit) for his kindness
... Çem (Edremit) for the meal and the two pots of Ayran
... Dalila, Bilge et Ilteri (Armatlu) for their beautiful welcome and their help
... Aurore, Chrystel, Thomas, Bouke, Aricio (Istanbul) for your company and the fits of the giggles we had
... Florine (Istanbul) for good moments spent together
... Neiri, Çetin et Mustafa (Kocaali) for their welcome during storm and their help
... Ça?da? (Ankara) for his welcome and his huge help


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