Buy kilometers for the Nicole Niquille foundation

No need to introduce Nicole Niquille, everybody knows her. Our first encounter happened ten years ago. I recognized in her an unordinary woman. Because her fight makes sense to me, because helping her gives another dimension to my journey, I would like to dedicate my adventure to her project. Hence, the kilometers I will cover will be for sale and the sum paid will go directly to her project.

How does it work ?

Each kilometer is for sale for 1.- Sfr. Kilometers will be cumulated on the "Covered kilometers" counter. If you wish to participate to this operation, pay the sum you wish to contribute, with the comment "UPPL". The kilometers that you bought will asap be automatically deduced from the "Kilometers for sale" counter. If you wish to donate anonymously, please mention it.

The firms, associations and foundation are welcome in this adventure ! Your participation will be mentionned under section "Participating firms"


Amount collected: 12'800 CHF
12'800 (updated 06 December 2009 *)
Informations postales
Pour: UBS SA
CH - 1002 Lausanne
En faveur de: 266-601134.M1T
Fondation Nicole Niquille
Hôpital Lukla - Népal
1896 Lac Tanay
Compte: 80-2-2
Motif: UPPL
Banking information
Account: 0266/601134.M1T
IBAN: CH0700266266601134M1T
Bank address: UBS SA
Av. de la Gare 12
1630 Bulle
Beneficiary: Fondation Nicole Niquille
Hôpital Lukla - Népal
1896 Lac Tanay

WARNING for a payment by post, don't forget to mention UPPL. For a banking payment, please send us an email to inform us because there is no communication on paiment.

Thank you to participating firms :

  • Charmotel SA, 1637 Charmey
  • Liebherr Machines, 1630 Bulle

Thank you to following donors :

  • Christophe Krebser
  • Rudiger Tewes
  • Annick Simonin et Marc Kunze
  • 1 anonyme
  • Ilaben and Pravinbhai Bhatt
  • 1 anonyme
  • Albert Vuadens
  • Dominique et Carol Bonvin
  • Sandra et Nicolas Macris-Brella
  • Benoit Chachuat
  • Paulette Torrente
  • 2 anonymes
  • Francine et Steven Eglese
  • Alexandre Josep Vela Giro
  • 1 anonyme
  • Myriam Groz
  • Leaticia Beney
  • Daniel Rossier
  • Neil Bullock
  • Yves Genton
  • Nicole Rendu
  • Natacha Bah-Jan
  • François Besson
  • Sophie Meyer
  • Nicole Rendu
  • Francine Robadey - Dey
  • Anne-Marie Niquille
  • Philippe et Giancarla Charles-Felli
  • 1 Anonyme
  • François Besson
  • Albert Giroud
  • Anne-Marie Niquille
  • Alexine Zufferey
  • Mark Schneider
  • Jean-Pierre Brunet
  • François Besson
  • Pierrick Maire
  • Patrick Braissant
  • Jocelyne Gros
  • Frida Zwahlen
  • Christophe Pidoux
  • Silvio et Nicole Dolzan
  • Edouard-Henri Blanc
  • Marguerite Vocat
  • Patrick Zweiacker & Co
  • Gabrielle Hardmeier Winkler
  • Christian Junod
  • Annouck Donnet
  • Saioa Arostegui et Gorka Galdos
  • Monique et Maurice Mischler
  • Pierre François Huguenin
  • Andrée Vianin
  • Alexandre Gros
  • Mark E. Butcher et Joana M. Comas Marti
  • Marie Zufferey
  • Jean-Luc Mondino
  • 1 anonyme
  • Amalia Friman
  • Nicolas Page
  • Mirella Grandjan
  • Martin Salzmann
  • Regula Baldinger
  • Pierre Jaquier
  • Valentine et Tristan Salzmann
  • Hélène et Edouard Comment
  • Blaise Hofmann
  • Rachel Voellinger
  • Christelle Despont
  • Siegfried et Huguette Gros


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