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4 October 2009

New post : the last frontier... and new pictures

28 September 2009

New pictures !

19 September 2009

New coordinates, Seb is not far from his goal !

7 September 2009

New pictures !

5 septembre 2009

Dixit Seb : "I leave Uttar Anchal earlier than expected, you cannot cover more than 30km per day ... "

31 August 2009

New coordinates, a point lack because of doubt about its placement. Seb has problem to upload pictures.

27 August 2009

YOUHOUHOU 20'000 kilometers covered ! bravo Seb :)

22 August 2009

New coordinates received :)

13 August 2009

New post : A litle bit further... !

4 August 2009

New pictures in folder India / Pangong Tso

26 july 2009

New publication into roadbook : "Into thin air..."

23 july 2009

New pictures in folder India

22 july 2009

Back from the Nubra Valley, new coordinates

15 july 2009

As asked by Sebastien and because of the disproportion between the kilometers performed and the kilometers sold, we decided to reduce the price to 1 Sfr by kilometers. This does not alter the principle, but makes the goal more realistic :)

14 july 2009

New pictures in folder India !!!

Sebastien has no more cell phone. He will communicate his coordinates more rarely, depending to eventual internet connections.

06 july 2009

New coordinates

26 june 2009

Small... problem with the server, the post will be available again soon !

24 june 2009

New post : the taste of Cay

23 june 2009

New pictures from India. Sebastien has problem with his cellphone, also with his emails... Well, good travel ;)

15 june 2009

New pictures from Pakistan

3 june 2009

New pictures, and a new post !!!

25 may 2009

Send by Seb : "got out of the 'problem area', had no problems..."

24 may 2009

For several days, the police wants that Sébastien leave the "problematic zone". Therefore he must negocied every time to not be load on a bus. The "play" of escort is again in place...

23 may 2009

Seb we wish you an HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

9 may 2009

According to Seb the region is really beautiful and it is secured (good news :)

4 may 2009

One month visa for Pakistan obtained !

3 may 2009

New pictures !

2 may 2009

Seb is on the road to Pakistan ! We have to cross our fingers for him, because he will try to get a visa on the border.

21 april 2009

New pictures under directoryTadjikistan

19 april 2009

A new post published right now !

11 april 2009

New "visa pause :("

9 april 2009

Entry in Kyrgiztan

31 march 2009

Seb is on the road again since 4 days !

22 march 2009

Seb says: "At Khorog awaiting a visa extension. The police has stolen a document on the road, I hope it will pass anyway"

20 march 2009

New pictures :)

7 march 2009

Seb says: "Passage of the Tajik border without problems despite the irregular situation in Uzbekistan. Arriving in Dushanbe under the rain. On the menu: registration, visa, permits GBAO (Gorno-Badakhshan), extension. News from the Front: M41 open but many avalanches in the Pamir temperature: -35 degrees last week ... "
New pictures in the directory Uzbekistan

5 march 2009

Today Sebastien will cross the Tadjikistan border

27 february 2009

New text published !

25 february 2009

Sébastien has problem to obtain the Chinese visa ... he needs a two-month visa, and China offers him two weeks extensible for three weeks ... Even pedaling fast it is not enough! Alternatives are being studied but in the hope that the situation will unblocked.

17 february 2009

Pause at Samarkand in order to obtain Chinese visa...

16 february 2009

New pictures !

12 february 2009

New post in road book !

8 february 2009

On the border with Uzbekistan !

3 february 2009

New picture in the directory "leaving Iran". Seb is currently at Sarakhs. Entrance to Turkmenistan is scheduled in two days! Important Information: sms do not pass between Switzerland and Sebastien since January 30. Over, the Internet is banned in Turkmenistan. There will be radio silence from him for about two weeks, even for GPS positions.

26 january 2009

Material retrieved ! Seb obtained an 11 days extention for his iranian visa... New pictures in directory Iran :)

21 january 2009

Sebastian takes the train to Tehran tomorrow to retrieve equipment from his friend Sam. This equipment will allow him to repair his bike.

11 january 2009


6 january 2009

Sms from Séb : "Good ! I'm at the police station :-D. The cops found that is too dangerous to camp outside, they put me away..."

2 january 2009

Sébastien is now in the desert in the direction of Mashhad. It had some brackage on his bike, repaired with the assistance of Colson. The reparations will be made at Mashhad.

27 december 2008

Seb obtained an extension for his iranian visa :). New pictures online

Thank you to everyone who sent a message of greetings! Seb was very touched!

25 december 2008

Seb its for you : link

21 december 2008

New picture and new post !

19 december 2008

Sebastien is not able to upload pictures because of bad connexions !

15 december 2008

After a stop at Teheran, Seb is now on the road.

3 december 2008

New pictures in Armenia and Iran. A new post tomorrow evening.

29 novembre 2008

Sebastien is now in Iran !

22 novembre 2008

New pictures in folder Turkey, Georgia, Armenia. A new post in few hours :). Internet connection becomes bad.

15 november 2008

Georgia ! Nice temperature, bad roads.

13 november 2008

Frontier post at Aktas closed. 300km detour with a big pass to enter Georgia (Inch 'Allah)

12 november 2008

Tomorow Georgia ! New pictures in folder Eastern Turkey

10 november 2008

New post in Road book !

3 november 2008

Bad weather back...

2 november 2008

New pictures in folder Eastern Turkey

22 octobre 2008

Through Cappadoce

17 octobre 2008


8 octobre 2008

  • Georgia: no visa required
  • Adzerbaidjan: visa obtained
  • Iran: visa obtained
  • Turkmenistan : visa obtained
  • Uzbekistan: visa obtained
  • Tadjikistan: visa obtained
  • Kyrgyzstan: visa obtained

In this tiny list, almost a month of doubts, refusals and relentless work is summarized... But in the end, the road seems to be open.

I have one last tiny problem to sort out before hitting the road again, next week.


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